seal problem: HEK293 second

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seal problem: HEK293 second

FIrst, thank you for everybody who gave suggestion in previous post. I have made some progress with your help. I appreciate your help very much.
now my problem is as below:
when making the sealing, the increase of resistance in seal test was slow and unstable, put in aonther way, the resistance increased slowly and always wabbled. for example, the resistance goes up to 110M ohm then down to 100M ohm, and then up to 135M ohm, and then dowm to 120 M ohm and so on. to be G ohm, if possible it requires a long time, sometimes ten minutes or even more.
I hope you guys could give me some comments and suggestion about how the wabble of resistance happen, why there is  a resistance wabble ?  is there leaking  somewhere in my suck system? and how to improve it?
thank you very nuch.