Share some patch clamp protocols I found

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Share some patch clamp protocols I found

Patch-clamp recording from mossy fiber terminals in hippocampal slices

Dendritic patch-clamp recording

Paired-recordings from synaptically coupled cortical and hippocampal neurons in acute and cultured brain slices

Blind patch clamp recordings in embryonic and adult mammalian brain slices

Two-photon targeted patching (TPTP) in vivo

Patch-clamp recording in brain slices with improved slicer technology

Patch-Clamp Technique in Brain Slices

Patch clamp recording from cells in sliced tissues

Electrophysiological Recording from Brain Slices

Patch-Clamp Techniques Applied To Brain Slices

Patch-clamp recordings from the soma and dendrites of neurons in brain slices using infrared video microscopy.