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Software issue

 Hi everyone,

I am exepriencing a very persistent issue with the rig and was wondering if any of you could help me out especially since tech support for Axon instruments has off this month.
I am using Digidata 1440A with MultiClamp 700B and Clampex 10. I was using the rig a few days ago and when I went to patch a new cell and adjust pipette offset I heard an error sound but no error box or message. After that the trace in the Membrane Test window in Bath mode appeared flat and was very unstable (shaky). I tried restarting the software and boxes but nothing helped. Finally, I reset all the settings and reconfigured everything according to the manual (including checking
all connections). The problem still persists. I attached the model cell (Patch-1U) and the problem is still there. There is no square trace in patch and no whole cell patch trace in cell mode. Any thoughts?