Strange signals

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Strange signals

I have got some very strange results, and wanted to hear if anybody else has seen something like this.
I'm testing on GABAA receptors, and everything is fine with gaba, thip and drugs like that. now i'm testing on modulators, furosemide and benzoediazepines, and i see enormous variations even within the same cell - all from no respons to inhibition of the respons and potentiation of the respons - on the same cell...
a couple of times i've seen a gaba current turning the wrong way- instead of pointing down like normal it goes up....
anybody got an idea to what this can be due to??

Fraser Moss
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Could post some example

Could post some example images of your traces and tell us the composition of your recording solutions, the type of cell you are recording from, and if you are patching or doing TEVC?

This information should allow us fellow electrophys folk to give you an accurate diagnosis of your problem.

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havent got example traces

havent got example traces here, but it is whole-cell patch-clamp on DRG neurons from rats. The composition of extracellular fluid was (in mM): NaCl 140, KCl 3.5, Na2HPO4 1.25, glucose 10, HEPES 20, MgSO4 2, and CaCl2 2; pH was 7.35 and intracellular electrode solution containing (in mM): KCl 140, HEPES 10, MgCl2 1, CaCL2 1, EGTA 10, and MgATP 2; pH = 7.35.