What means "steady state"?

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What means "steady state"?

I´m trying to understand what mean exactly the steady state and why is so important. I had see that is used in some protocols for I-V currents and I don´t get the point how to calculated it and how to interpret it   
Any clarification is welcome... 

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steady state has different

steady state has different meanings in different fields like physics chemistry and life sciences
In life sciences steady state refers to physiological concept implying that the various forces and processes of living organisms are in a state of homeostasis

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 ...thanks; and in

 ...thanks; and in electrophysiology (patch-clamp)?  

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My understanding is that you

My understanding is that you define a steady state and then look at changes in relation to the steady state.  So you would pick a voltage for steady state in a voltage clamp experiment.  Also, there are steady state and voltage dependent inhibitors of ion channels.  The voltage dependent require opening and closing of the channel in order to inactivate.
A more detailed discussion is found in "Serotonin Receptors in Biology" as listed in PubMed (link below)