Announcement of a new web-server for analysing protein dynamics

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Announcement of a new web-server for analysing protein dynamics

Dear researchers on protein dynamics:
The Laboratory of Computational Biology at NHLBI/NIH is
happy to present a new web server (AD-ENM) for analyzing dynamics of
protein structures based on the elastic network model. The server is now
available to public users at So far the
functions of AD-ENM server include:
1. Describing collective protein conformational changes using
low-frequency normal modes;
2. Predicting protein conformational changes induced by given local
structural deformations (caused by ligand binding);
3. Identifying key residues which are dynamically important to a
given functional site.
The AD-ENM is still under testing. You are very welcome to try it.
More functions will be added in the future.

Thank you for your attention!

Richard Taylor
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Thanks for joining the board

Thanks for joining the board posting this (I might edit the posts in the other threads to simply point to this one so that any discussion can be in one place though).

I'd like to ask why, having developed this, you havn't gone ahead and run all potentially interesting pairs of structures yourself - and made that database available?

Do you believe that people will run propriatry structures over the web?

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ther is one problem

ther is one problem