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Gene ontology help

I have a collection of ~1000 human genes which share a I have a collection of ~1000 human genes which share a common feature and decided it would be useful to collect gene ontology data to look for any commonality, which may indicate function. However I am not having much luck !

Does anybody know of a tool that can collect this data for me without having to do it manually, I have found a good site for mouse genes;

For the MGI site you just paste a list of gene ID’s and it gets all the GO terms for you but I cant find anything similar for human genes.

If anyone knows of anything please let me know it would help a great deal


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Hi rishcaar,

Hi rishcaar,

I've used both the Babelomics tools and the Onto Tools for this type of analysis with some success.

Let us know how you get on with those.

(BTW, 1000 is kind of a long list.. you might want to think about other ways to filter it before trying this kind of analysis).