Pathway database (integration)

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Pathway database (integration)

In a recent post in the genomics area of this board, I learned that there is a new release of the Reactome pathway knowledge base. I just wanted to point something out, and see if anyone cared..

Reactome is offered in BioPAX syntax and semantics. The former means that anyone can read it in as OWL/RDF/XML and the latter means that your computer can, in principle, "understand" it well enough to automatically integrate the knowledge it contains with the knowledge contained in other pathway knowledge bases that are also provided according to the same semantics (such as BioCyc and KEGG.

Has anyone seen this usefully accomplished? Where? Specifically how?

This seems like one of the most crucial problems in bioinformatics. THough clealry people have been working on it at the theoretical level, where are the applications that apply the theory?