Premier Biosoft Releases TMA Foresight

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Premier Biosoft Releases TMA Foresight

Here is information from Premier Biosoft's website about the recently released TMA Foresight:

Software for Tissue Microarray Data Analysis

TMA Foresight is a tissue microarray data analysis tool designed to explore the relatedness of prognostic marker expression and clinico-pathological variates with the outcome. It identifies important prognostic marker(s) that influence the outcome and identifies prognostically significant clusters of patients using statistical techniques such as Cox Regression, Hierarchical Clustering and Survival Analysis using Kaplan-Meier Survival Plots. Based on the data provided it helps decide the risk group of a cohort.

Statistical tool for tissue microarray data analysis to identify important prognostic markers and prognostically significant clusters of patients

In a typical TMA study, every core is associated with data elements such as the core image and patient demographics. Such an experiment calls for an extensive tissue microarray data management and analysis tool to draw valid inferences from the data generated. TMA Foresight is a data analysis tool that uses well established statistical techniques to interpret the results of a TMA experiment.

TMA Foresight enables easy data pre-processing. The data can be categorized, replaced or ignored from a single screen. Missing data is easily filled up depending on the measurement level chosen, ensuring completeness of data for further analysis. You can then apply multivariate statistical techniques such as Cox proportional hazard model to identify prognostic markers, hierarchical clustering and Kaplan-Meier survival plots to identify prognostically significant clusters and biomarkers and their impact on the outcome. TMA Foresight not only analyzes the data but interprets it too, making it a useful tool for pathologists, clinicians and researchers.

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