How to start? (PDB Viewer)

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How to start? (PDB Viewer)


I'm planning to create a PDB viewer in Java for my final year project in college. I know reading files in Java.(So i can read the X,Y,Z co-ordinates of the atoms in the PDB file).
But i dont know how to draw them in 3D on screen using Java.

Can you help me in starting this?

- Lenin

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Hi Lenin,

Hi Lenin,

Out of curiosity, why did you choose this project? Is this for a programming class or a bioinformatics class? I assume you are aware there are a number of PDB viewers out there already. Here is one in java called Webmol.

To answer your question, this is not really a trivial program to write if you are unfamiliar with drawing images on the screen in Java. You should probably run through some basic tutiorials such as those provided by Sun see Sun's page on Java 3d and their community page.

good luck!