Ground for noisy current

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Ground for noisy current

I am trying to reduce noisy currents.
We don't  have a real earth ground to get rid of noisy currents. Thus, I used ground of back of amplifier. I connect to copper bend with ground of amplifier then I connect to table, microscopy and digidata. The noisy current is less then 5 pA before I put electrode into the bath solution. However, this noisy current increased up to 20 pA. I try to connect headstage (with wire) to grounded (from amplifier) copper band but it was increased huge noisy current. It seems be not enough to decrease nosiy current from headstage to use ground of back amplifier (axon 1D). 

First thing is that our building is not able to get real ground. What can I do? 
Do I need to make headstage ground?

In advance, I deeply appreciate to valuable advice.

Thank you...