Need 12m transwell inserts for 12 well plates (or 24wp)

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Jason King
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Need 12m transwell inserts for 12 well plates (or 24wp)

It seems as though Corning Costar have suspended manufacturing their 12m tissue culture inserts (Transwells).

I've tried out 8m inserts from BD Falcon and Greiner but both had problems to do with cell seeding once the inserts had been collagen coated. The BD inserts didn't seem to bind collagen very well whilst the Greiner inserts actually allowed a second monolayer of endothelial cells to form on the lower side of the insert (which might be interesting for some people's work but not mine).

Any suggestions for sources of alternatives would be very welcome.


Fraser Moss
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Apparently ISC bioexpress

Apparently ISC bioexpress might still have some remaining stock of 12 um transwells

as too might scientiis

but i don't know about a long term solution

Jason King
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Have logged on to to check their stock situation. We have been paying 186 sterling for a box of 48 transwells. has them listed at $190!!!

Thanks for checking out the US sites for me. Will let you know what happens.

Best wishes


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Hi parvoman! Greiner has just

Hi parvoman! Greiner has just come out with a new line of inserts ranging upto 10 um. The details are still only on the German site (in the English version also) - hasn't made it to the US one yet. I'll be getting some samples and will test them out: hope they work!
Isn't it weird how one company goes about phasing things out, even as another one is actively developing something new?