Plate washer

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Guy Sovak
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Plate washer

Hi all,
Need some assistance finding a plate washer that could handle cells which are loosly attached to the plate.

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Hi Guy

Hi Guy
Did you find an answer for this? If yes ,please share it. I am interested in this one.

A Timmer
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I have used a manual plate

I have used a manual plate washer that might be useful for this. It was the VaccuPette 96 made by ScienceWare. You attach a syringe and plunger to it and aspirate your wash solution into the 96 channels and then depress the plunger to put the solution into your plate. Since you control how fast/hard you depress the plunger, it may be gentle enough for loosely attached cells. Of course, it is slower than a robotic plate washer, but at least you have control over the speed. Hope this helps!