UV lamp for cell culture lab

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UV lamp for cell culture lab

Can someone suggest UV lamp vendor or UV lamp type that I can use in cell culture lab for room sterilisation?
Thnx in advance.

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Daigger, Baker, etc, should have them. Honestly I do not think they are worth the trouble and have stopped using them. They have to be disposed of properly as hazardous waste. Any film or object in the hood negates the germicidal effect. The lamps have to be replaced fairly regularly in order to have a germicidal effect. The bulb may turn on, but there is not enough UV emitted to do the job. Some decent housekeeping should keep you in the clear. The cost/benefit ratio really did not pan out in favor of using the lamps.

Hope this helps!

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As davidj mentions, they are

As davidj mentions, they are not worth the expense and hassle - clean habits and an alcohol/iso-propanol swab go a long way!
However, if you doneed them, both Fisher and VWR offer both the 4 ft and 2 ft ones - the latter are harder to get, and pretty expensive.