plasmid DNA extraction kits

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JC in Socal
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plasmid DNA extraction kits

Hi, I'm looking for a cheaper plasmid extraction kit alternative to replace the expensive Qiagen maxiprep kit. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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 Dear JC, there are lot many

 Dear JC, there are lot many companies in the market like Fermentas, Promega, Eppendorf, etc. You can find about a mini kit available at
But Qiagen is really good. I have also used that.

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 I am using qiagen, but you

 I am using qiagen, but you can try with promega. My frn is using that with suffiently good results.

Ivan Delgado
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Hi JC in Socal,
I hear you, Qiagen's kits tend to be on the expensive side. Yet, a while back I performed a study where I tested almost every single DNA extraction kit out there and Qiagen's came up on top (and it was not the most expensive, or even the second most). So my suggestion is that if your application is critical (which in research many times it is) you should stick to Qiagen. 
Having said that, another kit that works pretty well, and is significantly cheaper, is the Promega one (back in the day it used to be called the Wizard mini-prep kits). If used this one quite a bit and have the protocol published on this web page. Now if you really want to save money, a trick is to recycle your promega columns. Here is a protocol I've used extensively that basically shows you how to clean up these columns, re-charge them, and use them again for many additional mini-preps. 
Good luck

Jason King
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I think Qiagen will be

I think Qiagen will be pleased to read this thread. Like Ivan I have tested just about all of the Qiagen alternatives out there. None matched Qiagen. If you are always growing up the same plasmid then there is the possibility of re-using the Qiagen columns. I wouldn't want to store them for more than a few days though between preps. If you want to purify a lot of one type of plasmid you can load,. wash elute, re-equilibrate and re-load etc. I've done this quite often and if anything, the second elution is better than the first.