RNA contaimination of DNA

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RNA contaimination of DNA


I have been trying to extract genomic DNA from E. coli in order to submit for sequencing, the problem is that I keep getting RNA with the DNA.  I have been spooling using chloroform extraction and have also used Qiagen Genomic Tips but still have RNA when checked using Qubit.  I have also treated with RNase A during extraction and after purification but without any luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to ways to get rid of the RNA or another extraction method that may work.


Ivan Delgado
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Hi Becky,

Hi Becky,

When facing the kind of problem you describe my recommendation is to use a DNA extraction kit. In my experience many of the kits out there work very well for this purpose (good DNA extraction and no RNA contamination). One of the best is Qiagen's QIAamp kits.