SYBR disposal

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SYBR disposal

How do people dispose of SYBR safe gel stain?  Some of the current data sheets say it is not suitable for sink disposal.

Chin Fen Teo
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 Hi there, I was told to

 Hi there, I was told to treat it as EtBr containing solution....

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I am not using SYBR but got

I am not using SYBR but got to know from my neighbour lab that they dispose it as "Radioactive Hazards Level Disposing". They sud never be disposed in normal dustbin at all.

Ivan Delgado
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It is very important to ask your institution what their regulations are. For example when I used to work in Texas (I will leave the institution nameless) laboratories were allowed to dispose of EtBr solutions in the sink (and EtBr-stained gels in the regular trash), mainly because of the large size of the institution and the relatively minor amounts of EtBr used. The city had determined that there was an acceptable level of EtBr waste that could be tolerated and the institution generated less than this level. I can only assume that the city monitored for the amount of EtBr generated by the institution, but that is beyond this question.

As for SYBR Safe, here is a case study performed by MIT showing that SYBR Safe can be flushed down the sink. More specifically the MWRA granted MIT permission to dispose of SYBR Safe by sewer.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies regarding SYBR