Wizard DNA Clean-Up System

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Wizard DNA Clean-Up System

Please find the link and abstract for the following protocol:

Wizard DNA Clean-Up System


Concentration of DNA samples, removal of small nucleotides from reactions and purification of DNA from proteins or salts all require organic extractions and precipitation, which can result in low and variable recoveries. The concern over recovery increases when working with amounts of DNA in the 50500ng range.

The Wizard DNA Clean-Up System provides a simple and effective way to purify linear and circular DNA (20050,000bp) from the following:

* restriction enzymes, including heat stable restriction enzymes
* phosphatases and kinases
* DNA polymerases, including Taq DNA Polymerase
* exonucleases and endonucleases, including DNase I but not RNases
* mononucleotides
* salts

The entire procedure can be completed in 15 minutes or less, with no organic extractions or ethanol precipitation. DNA is eluted from the Wizard Clean-Up Resin in water or TE buffer, ready for use.