Auto-spelling checker?

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Jason King
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Auto-spelling checker?

Following on from the Frasermoss posting on post format:

Since members are contributing from all over the world, there are bound to be a lot of english errors on this site. Usually this doesn't prevent the meaning from being understood, however, there are people who are deliberately using phone text abreviations that are not easily understood by native english speakers so what chance does the rest of the world have?

You'd delete postings that were in French or German so why allow postings that are deliberately written in code?

When I replied to one such posting in an "ironic manner" - my posting was deleted by one of the moderators!

Why not automatically apply a spelling checker to all postings. This would also prevent non-english speaking members being exposed to bad english on your forum. I wouldn't even care which English standard you adopted (UK or US) - although I know which I'd prefer.

Herwig Just
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I guess that a spelling

I guess that a spelling checker would not know many of the scientific terms....

Jason King
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I'm not an IT specialist but

I'm not an IT specialist but I'd guess that spelling checkers can be "educated" to recognise scientific terms. My MS Word spelling checker has been educated in all things virological, although there is always the danger that the person educating the spelling checker is less than perfect...

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Why not just say "No phone

Why not just say "No phone text abbreviations, please"?

Given the somewhat curious rules used by spelling checkers, even reasonably well-constructed messages could get garbled. Have you see nthe document "Candidate for a Pullet Surprize"? Every word is "correct", but the message only makes sense if spoken out.

Perhaps we just need to be reminded that this site is global in its appeal and membership, and ask every member (particularly those who are native English speakers) to continue to be careful with the spelling of their own messages before they hit the "reply" button. I mark out native English speakers because we are supposedly the ones who know the nuances of the language best...(having said that, I learned most of my grammar through other languages!!)

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I think we just have to be

I think we just have to be responsible posters here. The reason why we participate in discussions is because we want to send our message across or give our two cent's worth on some topics. It doesn't matter whether we got the wrong spelling or grammar; what is important is we are "heard" and understood properly. So we better think of the people who might be reading our points of view before we actually post something, whether it's in code or in some other language.