On average, how much time you spend in lab per day?

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Amar Annamalai
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On average, how much time you spend in lab per day?

        This is the polling place to make your vote on how much time you are spending in laboratory per day. Please make your vote and I welcome few words about your life at your lab.
Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the poll. As a grad student, I was more in the 12-14hr range. Now, as a postdoc, its more in the 10-12hr range. Work smarter, not longer!
(I'm curiours to see how this number averages out over the entire scientists solutions community).

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I work for a biotech company. So as  a rule spend minimum 9 hrs/day  in company. During first 5 yrs of my coureer I used spent all the time in lab plus used to work on weekends. Now as I am more experienced time spent in lab is reduced to max 4 hrs in lab. Rest I work on proeject timelines, discussions, corporate activities etc.
As Omai says "work smarter" .... my opinion is it comes with experience.

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As a postdoc, golf is

As a postdoc, golf is obviously the most important thing in my life - therefore I spend as much time on the course as possible, but with the occasional spot of lab work :)

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8-10 hours a day when i was

8-10 hours a day when i was doing my PhD on average - probably a lot more in those last 6 months.

Ivan Delgado
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 This varied considerably.

 This varied considerably. There were times when I literally stayed at work 16+ hours, while there were times when 8 hours was the norm. I think it depends on a number of factors. For me, it depended on what the projects were (some projects require you to do some work and then wait a lot; others require you to be there 24/7) and how much my PI needed the data.

Jason King
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"Time spent in the lab =

"Time spent in the lab = papers"
I'm sure there is a relationship between the two (eg. no time in the lab-> no papers), however, simply being present in the lab will probably not be enough.... Too often the rush to start some big experiment reveals that a little more time spent thinking it through, reading the literature (not just titles & abstracts) and asking others for their opinions (possibly through some scientific forum...)would have saved you those weeks, months and sometimes years in the lab. It's difficult for young graduate students to see the big picture but it is a dangerous thing to believe that spending a large amount of time in the lab on your own, will result in proportionately large returns. Beware "presenteeism". Take up golf and find a work/life balance.

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  hi amaranna6 

  hi amaranna6 
i m spending 6 to 8 hrs in my lab.

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I spend 6 to 8 hours in

I spend 6 to 8 hours in daytime and around 4 - 6 hours in eveniong in night in my lab so total of 12 - 14 hours everyday, but not on sundays!