Best Freezer Temperature Range

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Best Freezer Temperature Range

What is the most used temperature range for storing reagents, enzymes, etc. ?

I see many reagents asking for a storage of 4 degrees cecius, but others range from -20 degress to room temp. I am looking for a small (3.0 cubic foot MAX) freezer that can hold a constant temperature for my reagents (taq polymerase, etc). Any suggestions on the correct temperature range, or freezer model? 

Arvind Singh Pundir
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you would certainly need the

you would certainly need the normal refrigerator and a deep freezer as some of reagents will require 4 degree celsius temp and others -20 degree, i think there are very rare reagents that ask for  more than -30 degree celsius, i dont think there will be a single  freezer that can provide temp. range between 4 degree to  -20 degree

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You have two options.

You have two options.

1) Buy a freezer that is NOT "frost free" to maintain a steady -20 degrees (or whatever setting you decide to use).

2) If you do buy a frost free freezer, keep enzymes and other similar reagents in cold blocks in the freezer to maintain a constant temperature. 
Frost Free freezers work by actually cycling through Freezing and thawing so as not to accumulate ice in the chamber.  However this is not good for your permastocks and enzymes which  if not stored in proper racks will go off as they are effectively freeze thawed many times even though they never leave the freezer.

Rajiv Dua
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Hi....I think u can go with

Hi....I think u can go with normal Refrigirator so that u can use lower portion as 2-8c and upper freezer for low temperature which usually range between (-10 to -16 c)....

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