Best strategy for job application?

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Best strategy for job application?

I hold a Masters degree and I am interested in applying for the jobs of academic research technician or research support staff, etc. in NY city
I have been going to the various university websites like Columbia, NYU, etc and posting my resumes on jobs advertised on their Human Resources page- but they dont specify or give much details of job, and which specific lab has the opening. They just give a very broad outline of a skillsets, thats all.
I am wondering if I should start directly meeting with the faculty in person? But even if I were to do this, I am not certain of what my approach should be.
1) Should I go and meet all the professors whose work interests me (or suits my prior experience), see if they have any openings, and if yes, THEN hand them my resume?
2) Should I first try to arrange to meet with them (as is done for informational interviews), talk with these select faculty about their work, etc, and then before I leave hand them my resume and say that this is for future reference incase there happens to be any vacancy in their labs, that they could feel free to contact me.
Which of the above two sounds like a good approach, or should I be trying to so something altogether different?
Plz guide me.
Thank you for your help.


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A good technique is to get in

A good technique is to get in touch with the person that is advertising the job before you actually apply for it as you will be able to chat to them  (if they are willing) about what the post entails.  Then, before you submit your application, you should tailor it so that you make yourself more attractive for the position.