Criteria for acceptance of publication in peer journals

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Arvind Singh Pundir
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Criteria for acceptance of publication in peer journals

what are the criteria or points  taken into account while accepting a paper in a peer journals like cell, Science, Nature..........apart from good science ,

  • your past publications
  • Origin(origin)
  • labs impact
  • topic of paper
  • gender
  • Reviewers

among these does any of them matter, otherwise any thing to add..........

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novelty of the subject is an

novelty of the subject is an interesting point for the consideration of acceptance of a paper.
And If you have been going through the Lab bratz episodes you must be knowing the importanc eof name and lab impacty too.
I dont consider gender as any point for the botherations.......
reviewers ............ certainly are having impact for the consideration....... so if provided with a choice choose them very intelligently

Ivan Delgado
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Also, while most people would not admit it, there is politics behind this too. A journal with a respectable name will choose the articles that it deems most appropriate to its name. In other words, while the science may be better, a paper that fits more with what the journal is trying to convey could easily win out. The fact that there are scientists (editors) making these decision, and these scientists despite their best intentions are biased by their own research, invariable leads to papers being chosen that simply fit better with a journal's culture than "best science"

Jitendra Sinha
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The most important thing to

The most important thing to get published is the novelty of the science that has been done. The other things to be considered are good desighning of the experiments and analysis.

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Journals usually tend to

Journals usually tend to accept papers which are well constructed, novel, comprehensive and exciting.  The editors want the papers to be highly cited in the future by other publications as this will contribute to the journal impact factor.

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apart from your details the reviewers papers or that journals previous papers cited or not will play a role. because that will increase impact factor for that journal.

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What I think is that a

What I think is that a journal accepts a paper if it feels that the paper is going to add more stars on its shoulders. The impact factor should increase anyways. Its true for every journal.

g a
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Hi arvind

Hi arvind
I think except for the gender all the other options hold somewhat more or less impact and more importantly to add to the list....... Your links with the editorial boards are equally significant.  To further classify instead of your over all publications, your recent publications over the past few years.
NOvelty of the concept is a tricky option as sometimes the logic is challenged strongly and could be a cause for the rejection too.