Dentist Day

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Arvind Singh Pundir
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Dentist Day

6th march is celebrated as Dentist Day worldwide ,  does anyone  no why is it called as Dentist day, i found somwhere that  "Dentists' Day goes back to the invention of the first 'dental foot engine' in 1790 by George Washington's dentist, John Greenwood (1760-1819), who invented the first known "dental foot engine" in 1790(
please share your views and knowledge in discovering the truth 

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Man...there are so many days

Man...there are so many days i have heard of now that I think every single day is the dedicated or declared to so many different things...its like every small aggregation of people dedicate a day to something significant but not necessary.
I bet this stems from a person's inner desire to be elevated to a higher pedestal

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u didnt described about"y

u didnt described about"y march 6 is considered as dentists day??"