The Diary of Emma Darwin... Charles' Wife

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The Diary of Emma Darwin... Charles' Wife

Below is a link to the Diaries of Charles Darwin's wife, Emma Darwin

Emma Darwin's Diaries 1824-1896

"These small pocket diaries of Emma Wedgwood Darwin (1808-1896), the wife of Charles Darwin, are reproduced with the kind permission of their owner Richard Darwin Keynes. The images are scanned with permission from the microfilms prepared by the Cambridge University Library where the diaries are kept. The black and white images, over 3,200 in all, have had a slight yellow tint added. There are sixty diaries in total covering the years 1824, 1833-4, 1839-45 and 1848-96.

Emma recorded many events such as visits and visitors, dinners and the health of her family including her husband Charles Darwin."

An introduction by Janet Browne can be found here.