Digitizing slides

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Digitizing slides

I had a bunch of slides from my graduate school (and shortly beyond) before powerpoint became mainstream as well as about 2000 slides from my amateur photographer days. I had just started looking into ways to digitize my slides when...

One day, I get a forwarded email from our Chemistry Department from a local company offering to digitize our slides. The company, I think, has a grant to help scientists convert old slides.  I paid for their services to digitize my ~2000 personal slides for me.  For a little bit more, they will do color correction for you, so I did that as well.
I was very happy with their service, so I wanted to share it with you, in case you have slides you may want digitized.  They are an internet-based service, but since they were local to me, I have actually been in their office to hand deliver my slides.

The website is: www.slidescanningpros.com

I think they are a start up company, but I had a good experience with them.