DNA library

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DNA library

A DNA library has been constructed by purifying chromosomal DNA from mice, cutting the DNA with the restriction enzyme Not I, and inserting the fragments into the Not I site of a plasmid vector. What information CANNOT be retrieved from this library?
(a) Gene regulatory sequences
(b) Intron sequences
(c) Sequences of the telomeres (the ends of the chromosomes)
(d) Amino acid sequences of proteins

You have the amino acid sequence of a protein and wish to search for the gene encoding for this protein in a DNA library. Using this protein sequence, you deduce a particular DNA sequence that can encode for this protein. Why is it unwise to use only this DNA sequence you have deduced as the probe for isolating the gene encoding your protein of interest from the DNA library?
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What is the main reason for using a cDNA library rather than a genomic library to isolate a human gene from which you wish to make large quantities of the human protein in bacteria?