Do you still read print Scientific Journals?

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Do you still read print Scientific Journals?

How do you access the latest research articles?

I for one cannot remember the last time I picked up printed journal and read it as a complete issue.  

Should most journals even bother with print issues anymore?

I browse the science news and special features online and when it comes to the latest articles directly related to my field I usually rely on my Pubmed alerts from which I directly access the article through an institutional online subscription via Pubmed.  

How you you all read the latest issues of any science journals and stay up to date with scientific current events?

Please post your written opinions as well as voting in the poll.

Abhishek Singh
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to be update i use online one

to be update i use online one or soft copy but to understand completely, the interested one i use print out

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But Bioedu - do you print the

But Bioedu - do you print the journal off from a PDF you downloaded online or do you get the actual journal in your hand by buying it or getting copy from a library?

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 Online all the way these

 Online all the way these days.

The only time I look at printed journals is if am looking for something to flick through on a coffee table in a break room.

marcus muench
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I would love to get rid of

I would love to get rid of most printed journals.  Even the ones I subscribe to, I tend to toss the printed versions as I have no place to keep them all.  I wish these publishers would allow online only subscriptions, but they are going kicking and screaming into the 21 century and will not let their printing presses go idle.   

Some of the big journals (Science Nature etc) that have a lot small news items I can see remaining printed as it is nice to thumb through and read the little articles, at least until we all have iPads to read these things.

Overall, I love the idea of Open Access journals with copy-left publication policies.  I think articles should be as long as they need to be, in color and free to world to be read.  Don't get me started on what a mess I think the whole supplemental data trend has turned out to be.  If a figure or Table can be formatted to fit a standard page then it should be included in the paper.  If you need 14 figures so be it.  The only reason for supplemental data in my view are tables and data sets that are too big to be formatted easily (e.g. gene array data).  Again, all this favors online publications with no restrictions to length and content.  

Abhishek Singh
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i have used both. for few

i have used both. for few journal its hardcopy and but most often pint from downloaded one

Rajeshwari patel
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I search Online but I read in

I search Online but I read in hard copy

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I read things online. It is

I read things online. It is convinient. One can easily and immediately search for some other reference when required.
Rarelly it is printout of on-line published journal but no way it is printed whole journal  :-)

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Now a days almost everything is online base, so I think gradually print media will disappear.