Doctor Nurses?

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Ivan Delgado
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Doctor Nurses?

Last November, the first test to certify doctor nurses was given (a modified version of the test given to physicians). The training to become an M.D. doctor (physician) is definitely more intensive than that which nurses must go through to become a certified nurse. Yet, if you've been a nurse for a number of years (10+ or more), wouldn't your on the job training and experience qualify you to become a doctor nurse is you pass the necessary tests?
This is a question that is being considered right now. For the story, click here. As of this writing, over 200 comments have been posted on this topic. What do you think?

Jon Moulton
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The problem is not referring

The problem is not referring to nurses as doctors.  The problem is that we should be referring to physicians as physicians, not doctors.  The title "Doctor" is used in many fields besides medicine, while the title "Physician" is far more specific.  I do no tthink it is reasonable to prevent those in the nursing field who acheive the level of academic success typical of doctorate-holders in other fields from being awarded a doctorate in their field.  However, physicians should ask to be identified as physicians to avoid confusion with other health scientist professionals who hold doctorates.