Earn More Credit Through Prior Learning & Experience

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Earn More Credit Through Prior Learning & Experience

 Many students have extensive knowledge gained through prior schooling, training, or on-the-job experience. Through Liberty University, you may have the opportunity to earn additional credit toward your degree through a variety of options.
In order to determine if Life Experience credit is the option for you, please keep these items in mind:

  1. PLA is for undergraduate students only with the exception of Clinical Pastoral Education and National Worship Leaders Conference.
  2. PLA credit is transfer credit and it WILL NOT go toward the number of hours that must be completed at Liberty University.
  3. The maximum number of credits you may earn through Life Experience is 30 credits, with the exception of Nursing students who earn 31 credits for their RN license.
  4. In accordance with Liberty University policy – Credit for the following WILL NOT be approved:

a.  COMS Courses
b.  GOVT 200
c.  Internships
d.  Capstone Courses
History MOOC (Massive Open-enrollment Online Course) - Just Released
HIST 101 – American History Orientation (3 hours)
This course is an overview of American history. It emphasizes America’s Christian heritage, limited and constitutional government, free market system, and individual freedom and civic responsibility. In this self-paced course students learn how to apply lessons from the past to the challenges of the present.
HIST 101 features contributions from some of America’s top national leaders such as Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Michele Bachmann, among others.
Students do not need to take the class for college credit. However, if the student desires college credit for the course, he/she should contact the Prior Learning Assessment.. The Student will then be instructed on the steps to follow for obtaining college credit. Learn more about the History MOOC.
*Upon review and approval of completion, students will receive credit for a free elective.
Credit by Examination

College-level examination program (CLEP)
CLEP offers a unique opportunity to gain college credit for the knowledge you have acquired. CLEP is comprised of thirty-three tests covering a variety of subjects. Formal study, private reading, on-the-job experience, non-credit courses, business training, television/radio courses, travel, and superior high school courses are just a few ways knowledge is acquired that may be applied within CLEP testing. Learn more about CLEP.
Institutional Challenge exam (ICE)
ICE is available to students with a satisfactory justification of previous knowledge in a subject area based upon a non-college training program, job experience, or self-learning. Through ICE, you have the opportunity to earn credit toward your chosen degree program. Learn more about ICE tests.
Dantes Subject Standardized Test Scores (DSSTs)
The DSST program provides the opportunity to earn college credit based on what you learned outside of the traditional classroom. Approved by ACE, the DSST program enables you to use knowledge you have acquired to accomplish your educational and professional goals. Learn more about DSST exams by contacting your Admissions Specialist. 

For more information visit life experience degree accredited programs and enrolled to earn college credits.