Elan 9000 vacuum problems?

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Elan 9000 vacuum problems?

Hi all!

I need help!
I had an oil leak in my interface roughing pump for a couple years. Had a guy look at it and he noticed the leak was with the connection to the mist eliminator. I ordered another conection and replaced it.

We started having trouble with it a couple weeks later. The vacuum would  lose pressure every once in a while (still ran for weeks).  Two weeks ago I could not get the vacuum pressure to hold so I googled the problem and it brought me to this website. Through your suggestions, I realized the mist eliminator was full of oil. Drained it, opened the pump to make sure it was clear through the oil path. Now it holds pressure (and seems to be draining oil), but I cannot get ANY sensetivity.

On a side note, the airconditioning was worked on while the problem was happening...would thisoccur if the exhaust from the torchwas pulling too much?

Thank you,