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EndNote usage

I was using EndNote in MS Word 2003 but recently I got MS Office 2007 and installed on my computer. I tried a lot but unable to find the way I can start using it. Can anyone exactly tell me where to find the endnote in MS Word 2007?
Please help.

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contact the vendors for the

contact the vendors for the latest version or trouble shooting.

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Oh Thanks Satinder, for

Oh Thanks Satinder, for typing alphabets of suggestion. If you dont know exact answer, no problem, someone else will help me exactly. I am sure people here are learnt enough to use EndNote in MS Word 2007 and atleast help me in exact terms like R Bishop, Ivan, Monu, Sps and Aregerin.

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Calm down! Thanks for

Calm down! Thanks for believing on us that we are capable of helping you out of the problem you have in endnote. I am searching for a solution and sooner I will reply you for sure.
Kindly let me know which version of endnote you are using like 5 or 6 .... 8 or 9 or X or X1 or X2?
As these versions have different solutions.

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Thanks sps its EndNote 9 and

Thanks sps its EndNote 9 and OS is Vista Home Premium.

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Shampa, you need to load

Shampa, you need to load correct addin files in Word's startup folder. Try to follow these instructions:
To manually add the EndNote addin files to Word's startup folder, follow these instructions:

  1. Open My Computer (Computer on Vista).
  2. Go to the Tools menu (press Alt to view menus in Windows Vista). Select Folder Options / View tab. Uncheck the box that reads "Hide file extensions for known file types," and select "Show hidden files and folders". Click Ok.
  3. Locate your EndNote folder. The default installation path is "C:\Program Files\EndNote." Note that the EndNote folder will contain the version number at the end.
  4. There are several files in this folder you will need to copy, depending on which versions of Word and EndNote you are using. You can use the list below to identify the files you need.

EndNote 9

    1. EN9CWYW.dot
    2. EN9Cwyw.WordXP.wll
  1. Hold down your control key and click on each file listed for your version of EndNote and Word as shown above. When all the files you need are highlighted, right-click and select Copy.
  2. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Word Startup folder. The default location of Startup depends on your version of Windows.
    Windows Vista

    C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

  3. When you locate that folder, right click in it and choose Paste. The files you copied should now show up in this folder.
  4. Launch Microsoft Word. The EndNote toolbar should now show up in the Add-Ins tab of the Word 2007 ribbon.

Before you use the tools for the first time, close Word, then open EndNote and an EndNote library, then re-open Word and click on one of the EndNote tools. The programs must only be opened in this order the first time you use the tools so that Windows will be configured correctly.
Additional Notes:
The startup folder may be in a different location, but this is not typical. If the word startup folder was not on the path listed above, find it by doing the following:

  1. Within Microsoft Word 2007 go to the Office icon in the upper left, and click "Word Options" at the bottom of this window.
  2. Click on "Trust Center" on the left hand side, then on the "Trust Center Settings..." button at the bottom-right.
  3. Click the Trusted Locations menu to the left, then highlight the "Word 2007 default location: StartUp" item in the list.
  4. Note the path to the Microsoft Word Startup folder. The path should show up below the Trusted Locations items.

Also you need to download.

EndNote 9