Ethidium Bromide Disposal

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Ethidium Bromide Disposal

Whats the safest way to dispose of EtBr?

Lunn and Sansone Method:

For each 100 ml of ethidium bromide solution:
Add 5% hypophosphorus acid.
Add 12 ml of 0.5 M sodium nitrate.
Stir briefly and let stand for 20 hours.
Adjust pH to 4-9 using sodium hydroxide.
Pour down drain with copious amounts of water.


Activate Charcoal Filtration

If AC filtration is best, can I just use loose AC and pour it in a beaker containing the solution of EtBr?

What about EtBr stained gels?
What about glassware and/or plastic ware exposed to EtBr?
I want to make the EtBr as harmless as possible, avoiding high cost disposal services. 

All my EtBr solutions are in small amounts, no large volumes.