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Fraser Moss
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Formatting posts

I dont know if I am being dense and missing how to do this, but is there a away to use Symbol font in a post?

Also, is there any chance on integrating a spell checker. That would be great for people like me who's typing is atrocious!

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You are able to copy and

You are able to copy and paste symbols, pictures, etc. We don't have the "spell check" feature installed yet but it might be added in the future upon our members' request.

Richard Taylor
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Both of these points are

Both of these points are really limitations of your web-browser. Soudabeh's work round of copying and pasting from another application can be useful if your webbrowser does not allow you to enter them directly. Here are some examples that ought to display the same on all users' computers.

¤ § ¨
Bx ° ±

You can do that with any iso-8859-1 (Western characters and symbols, including accented characters - the board doesn't currently support Cryllic, Chinese etc. in post content). More exotic characters may display but there's a risk that they won't display as you expect on others' computers.

The best way to put anything more complex on the board is either via an jpg, png, or pdf file with those file types you can be pretty certain recipients will see what you intend them to, and the majority of users will be able to open them. The board also suports .doc, powerpoint and many other filetypes - though less people will be able or want to download those. Files will be displayed in the discussion where the users' browser allows it - others will see a link. Alternativley you can link to images that you've put on the web - but be careful not to abuse copyrighted material. Below is an example of how you could display an interesting equation:

That was achieved using the URL and IMG buttons on the page where you write posts.

Spell checking is best done by your own browser (Or if your operating system allows using "service applications" - such as those found in Mac OS X) which enable spell checking on all textboxes etc. in all your applications.
You can get a spell checking add-on for the popular firefox browser:

I don't imagine we'll add a spell check to the board - but we might research the optioins for various toolbars, service applications and extensions and add a section to our help/FAQ. We will move to using "unicode" encoding at some point - that will be essiential when we try and develop the use of our board in regions where western charactersets are not used. If anyone's interested in establishing and moderating a forum in Chinese/Japansese or other languages we could enable this.

We don't allow the use Microsoft "Symbol" font itsself - many users would be unable to see the intended effect as they would not have the font installed on their browser/system - it is not one of the core web-fonts that are supported by all browsers.