The Grandoise Misinformation Museum by the Answers in Genesis Organization

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Tony Rook
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The Grandoise Misinformation Museum by the Answers in Genesis Organization

I was astonished but not that all surprised by the extent people within the intelligent design initiative will go to spread their mission of un-scientific misinformation.

An organization calling themselves Answers in Genesis have decided to build an entire museum devoted to the spread on un-scientific misinformation. They are presenting the theory that the earth was created exactly as it is described in the Bible's book of Genesis, that is to say within six (6) 24-hour days. Ironically, they have chosen the typical museum format that is usually reserved for the presentation of peer-reviewed scientific and/or historical displays.

Here is a quote from a recent article published by the BBC News

"The museum's aim is to bring Genesis - the first book of the Bible - to life for all ages, and promote the belief that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old.

Everybody who works at the museum has to sign on to the belief that the living Earth was created in six 24-hour days - rejecting the convention most scientists view as fact, that life evolved slowly over millions of years.

To hammer that point home, two smiling children clad in tasteful animal skins, work and play alongside a pair of baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. "


I invite you to respond with your comments and/or opinions on this topic.

Guy Sovak
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If you know the bible I can not recall any where in which it is written that a day was of 24 Hours.
But in any case in some states in the USA there are schools in which Darwinsems can not be taught.