Handbook of library ejournal lists

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Handbook of library ejournal lists

Do you know how to find out database quickly without entering so many university librariesand search the web again and again? Do you know what databases does alibrary have? You will recommend google search engine, but does itprovide you enough and prcise information? No!So we made up thishandbook for you guys as an index of library resource menu, for you toget to any database or journal without entering lots of universitylibrares.

here is the handbook!

You can download the hand book here



you can go to http://www.passfans.com/forum userid=15748

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 I checked http://ifile.it/dl

 I checked http://ifile.it/dl that needs to be an account made. But why? Other links ae also like that. Is it your google group or anonymous. As clicking on these websites invites viruses. Please confirm regarding this.

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you can go ahead without fear

you can go ahead without fear . I am using this site .It is extremely useful.