Help me out! These black spots r driving me crazy!

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Help me out! These black spots r driving me crazy!

Hello to all,
This is a problem that all of our lab people r facing...tiny black dots(or spots) r appearing in the cells. It doesn't appears at the first time(like right after thawing or sub-culture). But as the cell proliferates, it appears inside of the cells and also proliferates. It shows MOVEMENTs, which predict as contamination. (I'm sure it's contaminated). It's doesn't effects the cell's morph or proliferation that much but when the condition of the cell it self gets bad, the tiny black spots burst out(or just gose out) from the cell, move or viberate around. From this point the morph or the proliferation of the cells go down and even serious, all the cells go dead and the dots spreads out fully in the media. It gose opaque and whity. We r having this prob w/every cell lines.....

Please, give me some advise to solve this problem.

We regulary clean n sterilize our incubator, clean bench n water bath.

Magma Jin.