how cam i make something to degrade plastics

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how cam i make something to degrade plastics

how can i make a solution that can degrade plastic is it possilbe.
since plastic has a harzardrious impact on the environment how can i degrade it so that it wont be harmful.

Guy Sovak
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I guess there are couple of

I guess there are couple of patents pending on this issue.

Jason King
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If the plastic is not just

If the plastic is not just disposed of in the sea etc it can be collected for recycling - environment saved from very slow degrading plastic.

Most plastic types can be recycled but I would expect this to be via heating it up rather than degrading it. Chemicals such as chloroform will degrade many plastics - even the 50mL polypropylene Falcon tubes that we use in the lab. but this hardly solves the problem. A biodegradable plastic would be useful in reducing plastic packaging waste - in a similar way that we now use corn based packaging chips instead of polystyrene chips. Just pour the chips into the sink and disolve them with water. Or if you're (very) hungry.....!

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True! its good to recycle

True! its good to recycle then to degrade with hazardous chemical and the degraded product that will be hazardous too.
Better to recycle then creating new mass of plasticware where-ever can be done.

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Recycling is the best option.
I always think about it when i see the waste generated in my lab. we mostly use disposable plastic ware for cell clture based work.
How do you people take care of this waste?