How do you keep up with your favourite life science bloggers?

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James Stevens
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How do you keep up with your favourite life science bloggers?

Good Afternoon,

You will be glad to hear that Life Technologies Select is aware that scientists consume news from a number of different sources, not just peer review journals. This is why Select have listened to feedback and now include quality blogs in our library of sources. Keep up to date with all that happens across the social science web in one comprehensive search.
Select uses its unique RSS spidering technology to monitor numerous journals and authoritative blogs giving users the ability to define their own search terms and subscribe to any number of sources from within the Select Library. Any matching papers and articles are compiled into a simple daily ebulletin, featuring a short abstract from each paper plus a link to the full text.
The Select service is completely free to use - no matter how many sources you subscribe to, or how many search terms you want Select to monitor.
It takes about 5 minutes to set up your preferences and you can change these at any time.  To register for Select please click on the attached link
We are always looking to improve Select so if you have any feedback (good or bad), I would love to hear about it. Please feel free to post your feedback here or email me directly at

Thank you


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 thanks james really a good

 thanks james really a good website.

James Stevens
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 Thanks Vani, Glad you like

 Thanks Vani, Glad you like it! James