How To Start Your Own Nursing Agency | Medical Recruiting Business |

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How To Start Your Own Nursing Agency | Medical Recruiting Business |

An Associate Recruiter can make up to An Associate Recruiter will have agreement contract with the recruiting firm as to what their finders fee will be. Usually the fee $15,000 per successful Candidate Placed. Associate Recruiters - The role of an associate recruiter is to assist a Healthcare / Medical Recruiting Firm in finding candidates. The Recruiting Firm will handle finding the vacancies and working with Client Firms. is 50% of the Recruiting Firms Fees minus any agreed upon overhead charges. Although they will still play some role in the recruitment process, such as possibly pres-screening of Candidates; Their responsibilities end with the Recruiting Firm.

Though the definition of what a Medical / Healthcare Recruiter does is simple and straightforward, the recruitment process for the most part is not. Building relationships with a Client Firm and Candidate plays an important role in the success Medical / Healthcare recruiting firm. Success in the Healthcare / Medical Recruiting Firm Business is the process of finding a medical professional Candidate and successfully placing them in a HealthCare Oranization or Client Firm.

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