Idea to reduce vehicle emissions with a car-pooling program

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Idea to reduce vehicle emissions with a car-pooling program

Here is an idea that will increase car pooling and therefore, reduce vehicle emissions.

A company or a government agency would enroll interested people into a program consisting of 3 parts: A paging booth, a vehicle kit, and a car-pooler pass.

A paging booth is a device with a keyboard, a screen, and gps capability. It would be located at gas stations, land marks, and other locations. This device would allow people with a car-pooler pass to notify the nearest person, with a vehicle kit, of their interest in a ride.

A vehicle kit is installed in a car, and it registers car-poolers when entering and leaving a car, and it tracks the car-pooling time.

A car-pooler pass is a card given to registered members (registration is free), allowing a member to receive a ride.

An interested person would receive either a vehicle kit, a car-pooler pass, or both.

Once a person has a vehicle kit installed, whenever that person is on the road and is willing to carpool, the person will input his/her destination into the kit and this will register the vehicle into the available car pool database.

If a person has a car-pooler pass, that person can go to any paging booth and input their desired destination. The paging booth will communicate with a database and will calculate the nearest available person driving in that direction, either the whole way or part of the way. The screen on the booth will display the nearest three possible matches, their current locations, and their destinations. The car-pooler can then select a choice or cancel the query. If a selection is made, the person driving the selected route will be notified by the vehicle kit, and will show on a gps screen at which paging booth to meet the car-pooler.

As the car-pooler is picked up, he/she will swipe their car-pooler pass in the vehicle kit and the tracking will begin. The car-pooler can now choose, on the gps screen, where to be dropped off; either at their final destination if it's on the way, at a paging booth closest to the car-pooler's destination if the driver 's destination is further, or at the part-way where the two people's destination are not on the same path any longer.
The person providing the ride will receive .04 cents per mile if 1 person is riding, .06 cents per mile is 2 people are riding, and .08 cents per mile if 3+ people are riding. The money will come from an account of the car-pooler.

When the destination is reached, the car-pooler will swipe their card again to de-register, and will leave the car.

As the driver is nearing his/her destination, the vehicle is automatically de-registered from the car-pool database.

Some features of the vehicle kit will include an emergency button, when pressed, will signal the nearest paging booth of an emergency at the exact gps location of the car, and the police and/or fire department will be notified.

An optional phone will be included with the vehicle kit, and will cost a flat rate to operate, charging the driver's account.

What do you think?