Introductory: Hector Decimal

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Hector Decimal
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Introductory: Hector Decimal

I'm a bit overwhelmed. This seems to have a wide variety of subjects and even a place to joke around.

I'm a physicist. I'm independent for quite a few reasons, but mostly because I choose to work as a maverick. I get a lot of flack for that, but find it workls for me and I have designs and inventions and even some discoveries.  I'd like to get to know some of the others in the forum.

I think science and scientiific discussion should be fun and never a drudgery. Scientists fall into many different personality types. I'm a bit eccentric and like to be a goof-ball as well. It has always been an asset to get people to smile with a comedy act, then slip in some science. Once that's in you have an opportunity to enlighten.

On the net, it's been a different story for the most part. too often I find anger and personality clashes. I saw a "lighter side" forum here and hope to spend time there as well as other more serious areas.

Maybe if we all get along we can pool our knowledge and rediscover the universe.