Is it ok to apply to multiple jobs in the same company?

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Is it ok to apply to multiple jobs in the same company?

I am interested in this pharmaceutical company, and decided to post my resume on their website.

When I searched their current job openings I found that for the same branch, they had many positions that I could apply to, and the titles for all were also very similar, for example
Research Scientist, Research Scientist I, like that, the only exception being that there were probably one or two changes in the job descriptions of each, but overall they were at least 80% similar.

To be more specific, I have been trained to do DNA/ protein work. One Research Scientist position says that they want DNA work plus little cell culture, another Research Scientist position says they want DNA work plus little virology, etc.

So in one sense I'm equally qualified or unqualified for both positions. And believe me, every position is of Research Scientist, only sometimes there is a number in front, say I or II, or nothing at all.

Sorry to make this sooooo long, but I just wanted to make sure everyone gets my question:

Should I apply to both positions? I'm not sure how the employer would feel seeing my application for several positions? Should I just slightly modify the cover letter for each, but they'll still know its the same person?

So I'm really confused please help me out

Thank you

marcus muench
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I think yes. My general rule

I think yes. My general rule is to assume that anything that can go wrong with Human Resources will go wrong. Better to have two CVs in their hands than to have one in the wrong pile.

If it is possible to contact HR, then you could do so and ask them. I think is always ok to contact the persons hiring, as long as you are polite and don't make a pest of yourself. It shows your serious. However, you really want to impress the person doing the hiring, not HR. Often they are unknown and protected by the HR department, but if you get an idea of the real person in charge you can always e-mail your CV or phone them directly to follow-up on your application. Polite, enthusiastic but succinct contact with the person(s) doing the hiring can go a long way towards making your application jump out from the other 100 in the pile. The way I see it is that if a person shows they are willing to go the extra step-while still keeping things civil-in the hiring process, then they are more likely to be someone who shows the same enthusiasm in their work.