The Kanzius Cancer Cure: What Do you Think?

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The Kanzius Cancer Cure: What Do you Think?

CBS 60 minutes did a segment on the Kanzius Cancer Cure today.

Nobel Prize-winning chemist Richard Smalley believes inventor John Kanzius might have uncovered the missing piece in the search for a cure for cancer.

Kanzius RF Therapy, cancer cells are first tagged with tiny objects known as nanoparticles, such as SWNTs[1] and GNPs.[5] When the RF (radio frequency) transmitter apparatus exposes the nanoparticles to the radio frequency signal they heat up, destroying the cancer cells, but don't damage healthy cells nearby.[6]

As of 2007-04-23, preliminary research using the Kanzius RF device at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (by Dr. Steven A. Curley, Professor in Surgical Oncology[7][8]) and The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (by Dr. David A. Geller, co-director of the Liver Cancer Center[9]) has shown promising results. If federal approval is granted, testing on human patients would be the next step.[6] [10] [4]

In contrast with currently used radiofrequency ablation where an RF probe (needle) is inserted into or next to a tumor mass, Kanzius' method is noninvasive.[3]

Steven A. Curley, who pioneered the clinical studies that led to FDA approval of radiofrequency ablation to treat unresectable primary and metastatic hepatobiliary malignancies[7], referred to the method as “one of the most exciting developments in years.”[11]

The prototype of the device, which was first tested successfully[2] at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center by Klune et al.[2] was built by Kanzius himself in his home.[9]

As of 1st November 2007, preliminary trials with rabbits have turned up a 100% success rate, with the tumors successfully eliminated and the rabbits remaining unharmed. [1]