Keeping a Good Lab Notebook

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Keeping a Good Lab Notebook

We all think we know how we should write up our lab notes.  But how any of you actually do as good a job as you'd like day to day?

In the Protocols section, there is a nice new entry "Keeping a Good Lab Notebook" a which comes from the Bjorkman lab at Caltech that details a pretty sound set of rules to follow to stay on top of your experimental catalogue and to keep yourself honest.

If you have any other good tips to follow please continue this thread and/or use the comments section of the protocol page named above

Also, please upload your own General Lab rules to the General Lab Protocols section.

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 Thanks for this link. Here

 Thanks for this link. Here in India, we have GLP (Good Lab Practises course) wher I learnt the same thing but the pdf provided is really very good and summarizes the imporatant thing to do. Good pdf, should be checked by all of us.