networking question?????

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networking question?????

I have a couple of questions to ask everyone:
******* FIRST QUESTION - I have been interested in beginning to develop contacts and connections within the biotech/ pharma companies. I wanted to start with looking to set up informational interviews with scientists already working, and speak to them to see what it is like.
The problem is I dont have any connections yet and when I go to the company websites they dont display the contact information of any of their employees, so how do I go about doing this? How do I get hold of the contact information of any of the scientists within the companies to even request for an informational interview when the contact details are not available on the websites?
*******SECOND QUESTION - I have a Masters degree with background in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. I want to know if HOSPITALS would in general have openings for such people with a background in scientific research?
Thank You.

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I think i had given answer

I think i had given answer any way

for 1st quest, you should try to contect your senior or classmet who is working in any compney or your guide or professor they may guide and help.

2nd, in some gov. hospitals they may have this kind of opening so try to contect in goverment hospitals.


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Can you elaborate more on

Can you elaborate more on what you want to do and your level of experience (where are you coming from and what exactly you want to do - as exact as you can get).  The more detail you give the more helpful I can be in giving you suggestions.