No more nonsense posts, please?

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Jason King
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No more nonsense posts, please?

I'm sorry guys. Maybe there should be a 2 per day limit on the number of new postings that a member can make. Pages of job ads followed by pages of meeting ads is bad enough. Now we seem to be getting a new topic post for each of the books in Monu's library. I'm afraid to say that the Indian scientists abusing this forum are bringing their countrymen into disrepute, and that really is a shame.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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yes i agree with Parvoman ,

yes i agree with Parvoman , this is something Moderators or Admin should look into to maintain the quality and standard of this valuable resource , i think they have to spend more time to filter posts, one thing we must  agree with, that such posts add a extra load on   Moderators.........

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I agree with Parvoman but not

I agree with Parvoman but not sure how it could be dealt with.  I don't mind the meeting posts so much ( I found two of them really useful) but the job posts are a bit over the top, simply because most of the positions are listed on Nature Jobs anyway, which is where most research scientists would head on over to if they were looking for another position.
Anyway, that's my two cents (or pennies)

Ivan Delgado
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I second parvoman's comment. It would be nice if some of the content, the questionable kind, could be moderated.

g a
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Dear All

Dear All
I too agree with the above comments that the posts need to be regulated. However, I dont disagree that Job posts are equally important for the Job seekers as well as those looking forward to Post doctoral research.
I think a better approach will be to make all the job posts "free of points" in which case those only junking the forum for the rewards are kept under a check and secondly, I think If the job posts are excluded from the main post section then the scientific post are no longer shadowed.......
I believe moderators can look forward to the suggestions from the forum members themselves that can help in removing the background noise from the actual signal

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i am a new member but i found that many a people make a reply/post just for thesake that they want to post something. many of the replies are so irrelevant and does not contain an answer for the query. people give general suggestions and it seems without even going thru the mail.