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  Just bare with me through this beginning part, it starts making more sense after the introduction.
*Please note that this is Aztec History.

TONALLI: Shadow Soul (Day Giver/Life) = Purpose.
TEYOLLIA: Spirit Soul = Rebirth.

In the beginning, their was nothing... or something.

*Ometeotl: The great Nothing and Everything,that from which all began, the Void, GOD of choice, The Infinity, Lord of #0

-The 1st 13 Day Period- (Ends Dec 21 2012)

*Trecena Cipactli(Crocodile/Great Earth Monster) Land, floats on the sea of stars. Gives into the primordal urge to create order from chaos, using the 3 fundementals: Communication/Agriculture/Family. An Automatic lineage transfered within each seed. 

During which:

-1st Embodiement of Ometeotls TEYOLLIA(Spirit Soul): AKA

*Xiuhtecuhtli: Creator of all life,he who stands at the center,warmth in coldness,Light in Darkness,Food in famine & Life in Death. Ruler of the night, Sleep and Dreams, Infinity source of TEYOLLIA, Lord of #1.


-1st Exstention of Ometeotls TONALLI(Shadow Soul): AKA

*Tonacatecuhtli: Duality, Creator, GOD of beginnings, ruler of Day/Life, The great Something, Infinity source of TONALLI.

Cipactli(Crocodile), ruled by Tonacatecuhtli signifying advancement and honor. It depicts energy as work through which one will receive rewards and recognition.


From the beginning, any (His)story is correct.

so we have #0 which is Infinately positive, and infinately negative (pretty much any # imaginable, and then infinately more, or less).

we have #1, which is included in Infinity, an infinite number of times.

And we have "Something" or "Nothing" that was created of this collaboration.

-Lets boil it down to Integers [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] from which all #s are created.
*keeping in mind that all sprouted from the Great #0 which is all and none Infinately, and Indefinitely.

The mayan/Aztec calendar asigns the lowest, most basic #s to the early "creations" and "GODS" of the world. 

But where is your beginning? 

where is your Origin numerically? 

Im sure you could guess... your Birthday! :D

to find your numerical Origin use the algebraic equation: A/B+12(A) = Origin

where A = # Day born [1=Mon, 2=Tues, 3=Wednes, 4=Thurs, 5=Fri, 6=Sat, 7=Sun].
and B = # Month Born 1-12.


So you have an Origin now, the starting poing for you "if" you were a #. 

Now,it is common knowledge, that numbers can be Functioned as such: Divided,Multiplied,Subtracted,and Additioned.

just as a Person/Something/#s can have things given to it(Added), things taken away(subtracted), Multiplying ones self can be manifested through Posterity, Prosperity, Friends, Family, anything that makes you more, that does or does not belong to you. 

we can also be divided, cells divide, people divide, people divide their things, people divide their thoughts. To every function their is a positive and negative possibility. an addition could be a high five, but also a punch to the nose. a subtraction could be the lifting of someone elses burden, but it could also be theft. 

Multiplying could be spreading a Positive thought, which in turn spreads itself, but multiplication could also be the spread of a negative thought which spreads itself. same for division, dividing created you, and makes us, each our own divided unique individual mind/life. And we all know the evil of division, creates war and segregation, racism, hatred, etc. 

The key is knowing the difference between a Positive action and a negative action. 

-We were given our thoughts, to privately contemplate our actions and their outcomes. After which we would turn our chosen thoughts into Actions. Now, actions have the 
ability to be permanent, does not mean they are. All actions however are preformed before the great audience of the cosmos, and your dreaming brothers and sisters that create all mass all life and all inanimates.

SO! you are a something, a #, a person, an Idea, and as such you will have actions made upon you, and you will make actions of your own upon others.

lets use the Equation LYZ=Q

where L=Something (includes but not limited to #s/Actions/People/Thoughts)
Where Y= a Function [Multiplication(x), Division(/), Addition(+), Subtraction(-)]
Where Z= Other Something (includes but not limited to #s/Actions/People/Thoughts)
and Q= Outcome 

just a few simple examples, this concept carries to every context.
Ex. [L(+)Z=Q] = [5+5=10] = [Joe+jane=Relationship] = [Seed+Sun=Life] = [Fist+face=Pain/anger]

Ex. [L(-)Z=Q] = [5-5=0] = [Joe-Jane=Divorce] =[Seed-Sun=Death] = [Fist-Face=Apology]

Ex. [L(x)Z=Q] = [5x5=25] = [Joe(x)Jane=Family/Children]=[Seed(x)Sun=more seeds] = [Fist(x)Face=war]

Ex. [L(/)Z=Q] = [5/5=1] = [Joe(/)Jane=Tolerance] however, [Jane(/)Joe=Pleasure] ..Tehe! ;D
And so on and so forth, etc, etc...

*The order in which things happen on a sinlge function level doesnt matter, except with division. Depending on who is doing the dividing and who is being divided, very different outcomes may occur.

For more complicated equations, just use the Order of Operations.

As it goes, we are more or less in control of what we add to ourselves, what we take away from ourself, and what we multiply ourselfes by. And though we are in control of our division, sometimes, the division of others is forced upon us.

[Ben(/)Father] = Ben having to choose bewteen what he wants his life to mean, and what his father wants his life to mean
[5/27] = 0.18518518518518518518518518518519 (not even a whole number. at age 5, the expectations of bens 27 year old father are overwhelming) 

leaving us with extranious and infinite decimals (uncompleted thoughts tasks) to deal with, and we feel we must search for parts to resolve this decimal and restore ourselves to our natural balance. we are taught that we are not whole to begin with, and that we must take actions to make it so... which using this method is impossible seeing as how the expectations of the father will grow in congruence with the ability of the son. (Not fair! dad had a 22 year head start, that bastard!)


so how can we protect ourselfes from Actions and Expectations of others that are out of our control (AKA Not our own)?

By knowing that every action has a positive and negative outcome; And though we cannot always control the action, we can always control the outlook of the outcome.
We cannot always control what others expect of us, but we can control what we expect of ourselves. 

It is thusly that, Our actions show others what they are to expect of us, just as our words tell others what they are to expect of us.

Unwanted thoughts actions or unfinished thoughts actions are still in decimal form, they require more incomplete thoughts or the assitance of already complete thoughts and actions to transform themselves into complete thought.

*Note this is not bad or good, it simply is. simply is a mutation of the idea, that we are not whole to begin with.

1) there must be a way to get rid of these unwanted outcomes, and keep only the desired ones. 

If we live in a world of Integers, there are only positive numbers, there are no negatives, we choose to operate in a field of Absolute Values. 
Absolute Value = A numbers distance from 0, which is always positive, as distance cannot be negative, it can be infinately small, and even zero, but never negative. Thus, the outcome, regardless of the imencity of the equation is always positive.

2) there must be a way to get rid of all those extraneous parts of numbers, all those Unwanted Expectations/Thoughts that were bestowed upon us, something more than the rudementary functions that divides 5 by 2 and forces the 2 to carry around a .5 with it everywhere it goes.

In numbers this is called a MOD. 

A MOD = the remainder when doing Integer Division.

So, 5/2 = 2.5 we keep the remainder( everything to the LEFT of the Decimal), and discard any # to the Right of the decimal, as it is an unwanted thought/Expectation, or is not complete. thus, 5MOD2= 2.0 which can be written with equal meaning as 5MOD2=2

Or we can use the IMOD. which does just the opposite. It allows us to Discard that which is to the Left of the decimal, and keep that which is to the RIGHT of the decimal. ex: 5/2=2.5 , where as 5IMOD2=5

*The 5 and the 2 divide, but when looking at it through more than one viewpoint, both #s walk away whole.

This Equation can be writtten: LYZ=Q (sound familiar?)

where L= Something or nothing/ a #/ a thought/ an action
Where Y= anything you want (+),(-),(x),(/),(MOD),(IMOD)
where Z= Something or nothing/ a #/ a thought/ an action
and Q= Outcome


So! how old are you? based on your birthday, you are some number of years old, keep in mind that a year is just short hand for the number of days youve been alive. Although, accurate enough for general purpose, if you want to see a different perspective on your age, try these...

.....Calendars based on the number of days youve been alive.....

get ready for calculator fun! :P lol
*Based on the Gregorian Calendar: Day=(5+date+y+y/4+UND)mod7

Where Date= Point of Origin, Date Born = Day/Month/year. 
(Ex: someone born jan 3 1994, looks like: 3/1/1994)
Where y= The current year in a four Digit # (I should hope you know what year it is) 
Where UND= Year of Origin in a four digit # (what year were you born)


*Based on the Julian Calendar: Day=(Date+y+y/4-Und+Und+Und)Mod7

Where Date= Point of Origin, Date Born = Day/Month/year. 
(Ex: someone born jan 3 1994, looks like: 3/1/1994)
Where y= The current year in a four Digit # (Same Ol' Same Ol') 
Where UND= Year of Origin in a four digit # (what year were you born)

*Now, figuring out your own origin is fun, but now that you know how you started; by pluging in any other numbers into the origin creator: 

[Origin = A/B+12(a)] 

You can start something new! Or take something old and start it again! there are infinite possibility's. Technically the Equation could be written:

[Origin = #A/#B+12(#A)] or 

[Origin = Infinity(A)/Infinity(B) +12(Infinity(A)] 

This allows for an infinite number of new possibilities.
however amidst this confusion is one constant, one Ever repeating number... Pi! 3.14159265...blah blah blah into eternity. 

And since Pi is a number, it is Free for all to use. Free Pi for everyone! :D 

moral of the story, you can make your own things with your friends and family, you can make your own things by yourself. But! No matter where you are or what you are or what youve done, there will always be an Infinite amount of free Pi, so help yourself! ..or don't. 

we are all Ometeotl Lord of #0, because we are choice, if we choose to be. ♥