Open-Access by Nature, or by appearance

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Tony Rook
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Open-Access by Nature, or by appearance

An interesting spin on the open-access movement has been presenented by one of the largest for-profit publishers. Nature Publishing Group recently announced they were Introducing a Creative Commons License for Genome Papers

Nature Creative Commons license is the "Attribution, Non-commercial, Share Alike version of the CC license. According to GT, here is Michael Eisen's, co-founder of the Public Library of Science, take on Nature's announcement...

Its not really a change in a huge way from what they
already were doing, except that now people will be able to
reuse the content of the genome papers in various ways that
they were unable to use them before, Eisen says. I think it
allows them to say to authors, Look, were an open access
journal, too, you should send your papers here. But I think
that its important to note that their definition of open access
is not the common one theyre not permitting unrestricted
ability to reuse their content.

So my question to you is...

Do you think Nature is truly interested in offering open-access publications or simply trying to appear as if they are open-access friendly?

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