Prevention of (essentially) empty posts?

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Jason King
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Prevention of (essentially) empty posts?

Is there any way of reducing the number of nonsense posts that are appearing on the site?

1. Limit each member to say 3 new topic posts per day, or

2. Include a feedback button so that members can decide whether the post is worthy of a point - I quite like this one. If a post is worthy then a star rating could even be given.

Any thoughts?

R Bishop
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Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions Parvo.  At the moment there is no good way to accomplish #1. We are looking into a post rating system and think that is a pretty good idea.
From time to time there are people that abuse the system unfortunately.  We try to send them a warning first then move on to acutally banning them from the site.  So far we have been able to curb this type of behaviour rapidly.  Since the reward system clearly states that this type of posting will not result in a REWARD.

Ivan Delgado
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I agree that there are a number of nonsense posts, but then again that is true almost anywhere you go. Even the comments you find associated with news articles at reputable online news organizations have questionable content. 
Just like freedom of speech, you get a great medium that is not perfect. If you start imposing restrictions sooner or later you end up stifling discourse. I am all for "editing" the content (as in removing inappropriate posts), which I think the moderators have been doing effectively so far. Maybe a button could be added next to the "reply w/ Quote" button stating: "report inappropriate content" or something along those lines. Maybe this would discourage posts that are less than adequate.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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yes i agree with parvoman but

yes i agree with parvoman but  did you know that this happens only in case of newly joined members , as they look more crazy for posting there posts on the website and are also not used to, to the website rules and policies but as they mature through stages of >frog egg to adult these things dont happen, as even the egg to become adult  frog takes 12 to 16 weeks, so my suggestion would be there should be some restrictions from moderator end as people often recieve clarification regarding there suspicious and unnecessary posts on their PM through moderators and Admin, rather harsh actions and banning without warning and clarification will lead to disheartning results for the member concerned, as i know all the members of this valuable site  belongs to the scientific community and they  themselves realise their responsibilities and should appreciate the platform provided to help us in resolving our queries and connecting to the vast scientific community through one channel

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I am among the people who are

I am among the people who are new to the site and have received warnings about my blogs and images posted out here to be somebody else's content but I have replied by PM  to the moderators that it is my own content which is available on other sites too.  

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Yes Parvoman's suggestions

Yes Parvoman's suggestions are valid. Pundir's comments are true. There has to be a control on nonsense / empty / repeated  comments.
Here I also want to tell everyone : your reply to a post can be edited. Plz use this option instead of posting different versions of same content.

Jon Moulton
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I like Ivan's proposal: a

I like Ivan's proposal: a button to flag inappropriate content for the Moderator's attention.  I've seen that system used very effectively on the Nature Network site.

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What is meant by redemption

What is meant by redemption of points and how and why it is done?

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hi friends,

hi friends,
i agree with Mr. parvoman, something should be done for stopping the nonsense post on the site but mr. pundir are saying true that those people will not do such type of nonsense who belong to science,
i suggest that some limitations and rules shoul be follow for any type of posting and the post should be geneune and sensible.
nos of post should be limited per day according to rule.